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Anxiety: Acceptance, laughter, and the power of a hug

“Travel, Beauty, Status and Love: the four great contemporary ideals around which our fantasies of calm collect and which taken together are responsible for the lion’s share of the frenzied activities of the modern economy: its airports, long-haul jets and resort hotels; its overheated property markets, furniture companies and unscrupulous building contractors; its networking events, status-driven media and competitive business deals; its bewitching actors, soaring love songs and busy divorce lawyers …”

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Anxiety: Silencing the background noise

“Today, like most days, you are anxious. It is there in the background, always present, sometimes more to the fore, sometimes less so, but never truly banished – at least not for longer than an evening.”

On another of my reading trails, I discovered some words that chimed a little bell of familiarity in me. And they might, I suspect, do the same for a few of you, too. So in this post, I’m going to lay down the (virtual) writer’s pen, and instead let this article do the talking.

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